The Traveling Teacher

This year, I am a “traveling” teacher.  That is, I change classes instead of the students.  It’s not as easy as it sounds because I am teaching three different classes.

To make it easier, I use a cart.  I have some staple items on the cart every day:

  • a pencil/pen cup with a pair of scissors and assorted pens.
  • a magazine box to hold pocket folders for each of the three classes. I put the handouts that I need for the day/week in a folder for each class.
  • a zipper bag (quart size) with dry erase markers and eraser
  • my Chromebook, a mouse, presentation “clicker”, and a USB hub
  • a document camera
  • sticky notes
  • buckets of scissors and glue
  • other markers, Sharpies, and art supplies.

The cart came from Michael’s and has three shelves, plus some attachments for various craft supplies.  However, I ended up knocking these extra attachments off as I moved between classrooms and buildings, so I took them off.

This is not an ideal situation, but, you know, in this time of pandemic and precautions, it’s working for us.  I am still afraid that I am leaving things behind and rushing into class a bit harried at times, but I am finding that as time progresses, I am more organized this way.  And I am more flexible. Certainly, I am waiting for the day when I no longer have to travel to my classes and they can come to me instead.  Will I be as organized?  Or will this time of change help me be a better teacher because I am more organized?

I’d like to know how you are doing in-person schooling these days.  What is making your teaching life easier?  How are you solving the problems of teaching in the time of COVID?

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