Return to School

I wrote in June that I was taking a vacation from writing on this blog.  I anticipated being away for a week or two.  That vacation lasted a month.

As the narrator of the Reese’s peanut butter cups commercial says, “not sorry.”  But I am back.  I have spent the last week writing unit plans for the first four weeks of instruction.  My school is planning face-to-face instruction five days a week.  Right now, students and staff must wear masks when entering the building and in the hallways during the change of class.  Masks will be optional in the classroom as long as students maintain the six-foot social distancing requirement.  At present, rooms have been laid out with desks separated.  Students will leave textbooks in the classroom and will not be allowed to use lockers.  Grades 1-8 will be self-contained, so to speak.  These grades will not change classes.  Middle school teachers will change classes, and the school has purchased carts to make those changes easier.  My next major step is to outfit the cart with necessities.

Am I nervous about the reopening?  Yes.

Am I looking forward to seeing my middle schoolers?  Absolutely!  I will miss hugging them, though.  I will miss working beside them.

I will miss the way school used to be.

I will have about a week to get ready for the changes that are coming.

As you return to school, whether it is the brick-and-mortar school or the virtual school, think about how you will make this year work for you and for your students.  What changes will you make in your curriculum and pedagogy?  What changes will you make in the physical space?

Enjoy the rest of the summer.  I would love to hear what you are planning!



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