Vacation Post


Blogging is hard work!  I am taking some time away from my writing here to think and read and photograph nature and spend time with my sons.  The

pandemic has separated us for the last three months or so.  I even missed spending Mother’s Day with them.  When I return, I will pick up with the Technology Thursdays. By the way, I will be planning an in-service for my school about using technology for distance learning and sharing the resources that I used.  I am researching the “blended classroom” and the “flipped classroom” and integrating technology in the middle school ELA classroom, especially where resources are limited.  (I may teach in a private school, but we are limited to one computer lab, which is used all day for teaching computer lab classes, and many middle schoolers do not have the technologies to bring into the classroom to go one-to-one.)

Have a great vacation.  After all, part of our summer “vacation” is to take time to reset and recharge.

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